Sunday, March 10, 2013

Well Worth It

It's been a horrible grey late winter season, so yesterday's sunshine and above freezing temps were welcome. The snow and ice continue to recede and for the first time there was a glimpse of actual growing things.

At the market, bouquets of pussywillows were on display.

No maple syrup yet, but the weather (above freezing by day, below at night) bodes well. Spring is almost here.
And the Glenora jacket is almost here too. Here's a shot of Isabel modelling the body, before I picked up for the first sleeve. 

I know it's a sort of cockeyed photo, with the shadows of the window frame criss-crossing the view, but you get the idea. Can't say how strongly I recommend this method of fitting-as-you-go. While it takes time to wet block and then dry a partially completed garment, the time is well worth it. Even if you end up having to undo and re-knit for a better fit, it's better than ending up with something that sits as an unworn artifact on your shelf.