Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Couple of Books Reviewed

This is a day of waiting...there's a winter storm warning and we're expecting ice pellets, freezing rain, snow, and thunderstorms before the end of the next 24 hours. (Yes, I'm aware that in the DC area they hit 90F yesterday.) This late storm is not usual spring weather for us here, but unfortunately it's normal this season. When it comes to weather, everything always evens out I say, and after the blissfully warm spring last year (which unfortunately destroyed the maple syrup and apple crops), I guess we should expect this season to be the reverse. Intellectually, we Canadians understand the dangers of global warming; psychologically, it's hard to get worked up about it.
So, with the grocery shopping done and with some logs ready at the fireplace, I'm finishing up part of a sample to go for photography for a Fall 2013 publication. Just so you know, designers don't get to choose the yarn or the colour for their own designs when they're published. I guess I got lucky this time. One of the colours is moss green, same as my eyes. I can look forward to wearing this sometime in the future.

Alas, it looks like grey in this photo. So hard to get colours, especially blue and green, to come out accurately!
Last week I went on a little shopping expedition to Kingston's west end and also up to Westport. I picked up a couple of books along the way.

Now, I don't buy a lot of knitting books, and when I do they're more likely to be technique books rather than project books, but "Knits at Home" is definitely in the latter category. I'm a sucker for photos of minimally decorated rustic but sophisticated rooms in neutral-coloured wools. Just fell in love with this. And it features lacy curtains, wall hangings, carpets--not just the usual cushions and afghans. The only dark cloud hovering in the background? Cost. The bed throw near the beginning of the book takes FORTY balls of Rowan Big Wool. Wondering how much that might set you back? Well, on WEBS, I found that Rowan Big Wool goes for US$15.95. Now, multiply that by 40 and you get...US$638. Ouch!! For Canadians, add HST (value-added tax) and duties and...just don't go there.
The second book, "Circular Knitting Workshop", is a real gem. There's stuff in here even for experienced circular knitters like me, and I really love the chapter on socks with round heels and toes, as well as all the details of jogless knitting in garter stitch.
What else did I buy? A cute linen jumper/dress from Cut Loose (my fave clothing company) in a bright periwinkle print that looks terrific with my alpaca Perth Cardi and can be worn year round in different ways, and a stand-alone mirror for our second-floor hallway. It seems we have a knack for purchasing homes with no floor-length mirrors. In the previous house that was solved by sticking an inexpensive Home Depot mirror onto the back of the bathroom door. Our current 3-storey limestone house has the feel of a London townhouse and called for a more gracious (and expensive) fix.

Here it is, complete with Bill's clutter in the background, including the last box in the house still to be unpacked. Just looked out the window. No precip yet. Maybe it won't come.

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