Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Guide to Techniques and Tutorials

Further Encounters with I-cord

I-cord Edges in Stocking Stitch

Blocking Work-in-Progress

Decreasing into Cables

When Grafting Underarms Isn't Quite Right 

Sewn Bind Off

Making Polymer Clay Buttons

Top-down Pocket Insertion

A Compendium of Spinning Posts and Other Random Spinning Links

Knitting Up Front Bands on a Steeked Cardigan

Preparing and Cutting a Sewn Steek

Colour Theory in Fairisle Knitting

A New All-in-One Shawl Collar http:

Grafting or Three Needle Bind Off?

Cabling without a Cable Needle:

Dyeing with Tea:

Perfect Picots:

Closing the Thumb Gap:

Knitting with dpns: Avoiding Ladders:

Yarn Overs: Getting Over the Confusion:

Ridgefield: Attaching I-cord:

RYO -- A Different Kind of Increase

Provisional Cast-Ons Part Two: The Crochet Chain Cast-On

The Cable Cast-On (With a Wrinkle)

Picking Up from a Provisional Cast-On

Provsional Cast-Ons Part One: The Crochet Cast-On 

How to Graft Underarms

Stranded Knitting: One Hand or Two?

How I Like to Spin

The Perpendicular Join

Picking Up

The Backward Loop Increase: Underrated and Underused

Shawl Collar Tutorial

In the Knit Lab: Adventures with Bobbles, Part 1

In the Knit Lab: Adventures with Bobbles, Part 2

Trellis: Decreasing in Fair Isle

Trellis: Steek and I-Cord Tutorial

Of Buttons and Buttonholes

Finessing Brookline

Tidying Up [Steeks]

Look Ma, No Blips [in I-Cord]

A Little Rule Breaking [I-Cord Edging for Sandridge]

Sandridge: The Knitty Gritty of Raglan Alterations

The No Sweat Guide to Gauge

How to Make [Crochet] Button Loops

Seam Stitches

CDD [Centred Double Decrease]

All Zipped Up

Sandridge: The Feminine Version (Helpful Hints)


  1. Hi there. I am looking for the tutorial called 2014/09/tutorial-attaching-i-cord-edging-to.html. I typed the web address in and I was directed to a page saying that this particular page was unavailable. I purchased the kit for the lovely Ridgefield Wrap at Silent Valley Alpaca. I'm not ready to knit the I-cord yet, but I'm reading through the pattern.

    1. Megan,
      Thanks for alerting me to the missing link. It's been added. I'm so glad you've purchased the kit. The yarn is so gorgeous!

  2. I followed a link here for your "Joggless Garter Stitch and Welts" tutorial but it shows page not found and I can't find it in the list above. Has it been renamed, or removed completely? Thanks

    1. Sorry, I only came across your question today. The tutorial has been removed from the list. It had essentially the same content as the Ravelry pattern and so was redundant.