Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Guide to Techniques and Tutorials

Buttonholes in 2x2 rib:

Further Encounters with I-cord

I-cord Edges in Stocking Stitch

Blocking Work-in-Progress

Decreasing into Cables

When Grafting Underarms Isn't Quite Right 

Sewn Bind Off

Making Polymer Clay Buttons

Top-down Pocket Insertion

A Compendium of Spinning Posts and Other Random Spinning Links

Knitting Up Front Bands on a Steeked Cardigan

Preparing and Cutting a Sewn Steek

Colour Theory in Fairisle Knitting

A New All-in-One Shawl Collar http:

Grafting or Three Needle Bind Off?

Cabling without a Cable Needle:

Dyeing with Tea:

Perfect Picots:

Closing the Thumb Gap:

Knitting with dpns: Avoiding Ladders:

Yarn Overs: Getting Over the Confusion:

Rideau Wrap: Attaching I-cord:

RYO -- A Different Kind of Increase

Provisional Cast-Ons Part Two: The Crochet Chain Cast-On

The Cable Cast-On (With a Wrinkle)

Picking Up from a Provisional Cast-On

Provsional Cast-Ons Part One: The Crochet Cast-On 

How to Graft Underarms

Stranded Knitting: One Hand or Two?

How I Like to Spin

The Perpendicular Join

Picking Up

The Backward Loop Increase: Underrated and Underused

Shawl Collar Tutorial

In the Knit Lab: Adventures with Bobbles, Part 1

In the Knit Lab: Adventures with Bobbles, Part 2

Trellis: Decreasing in Fair Isle

Trellis: Steek and I-Cord Tutorial

Of Buttons and Buttonholes

Finessing Brookline

Tidying Up [Steeks]

Look Ma, No Blips [in I-Cord]

A Little Rule Breaking [I-Cord Edging for Sandridge]

Sandridge: The Knitty Gritty of Raglan Alterations

The No Sweat Guide to Gauge

How to Make [Crochet] Button Loops

Seam Stitches

CDD [Centred Double Decrease]

All Zipped Up

Sandridge: The Feminine Version (Helpful Hints)