Saturday, July 20, 2013

Finishing Details, Part 2: Around I Go

I love finishing--not the tedious blocking with pins, sewing up sort of finishing (although I appreciate that there are plenty of knitters who are into that sort of thing), but the coming together of an organic, one-piece design. So, yesterday I couldn't resist taking photos of the winding up of my horseshoe cable/saddle shoulder jacket. A good chunk of the afternoon was devoted to working I-cord all the way around the front opening and neck, incorporating some nice invisible buttonholes.

The corners of the asymmetrical neck closure suddenly have a neat, finished look to them.

Before wet-blocking, I laid the jacket out on the sofa to get an overall impression of how the finished measurements worked out.

This morning I wove in a couple of stray ends, then gave the whole thing a soaking and a spinning in the washer with some Eucalan before laying it flat to dry in the library. Ta da! The measurements are PERFECTLY ON TARGET.

No buttons, you ask? That's because I had to ask my LYS owner to order a ninth button for me, and I don't want to risk sewing on the eight I already have until I'm sure I can get the ninth. Next time: a tutorial in grafting underarms. See you then. Stay cool.

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