Monday, July 15, 2013


We're frying in the heat here in Kingston, although I dare say it's cooler here with the lake breezes than in lots of places. Also, it's not terribly humid, amazingly. Our 171-year-old house has air-conditioning, and we have it turned on. I'm feeling very guilty about this. First, because it obviously uses electricity and is not a good environmental choice, and second, because most of my neighbours don't have it and it's a point of pride that they don't want/need it. Honestly, if the kids weren't living on the third floor, we probably wouldn't turn it on. My compromise is that we turn it off for most of the morning and when we do turn it on, we keep the thermostat as high as possible so that it only clicks on now and then. The ivy on the house is supposed to help with the cooling and I can tell that it does. When I walk outside I can feel the heat radiating off any exposed stone, but the stone under the leaves is fairly cool.
Thanks to the benefits of cool air, I am able to knit. The horseshoe cable/seed stitch jacket has had its body and sleeves united. The view from the back:

Now, the fun begins as I work EZ's saddle shoulder shaping to produce this:

More button choices ahead, as you can see. Not that I'm complaining.

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