Monday, July 29, 2013

What Would Beatrice Wear?

Recently, I've become hooked on watching episodes of "The House of Eliott, an early 90s BBC TV series about 2 sisters who set up a fashion house in 1920s London. Where was I when this came out? How did I miss it? (OK, I was in Washington, DC managing an infant and a toddler in a foreign country with no support network while Bill was travelling the globe.) This 3-season series shows the BBC costume people doing their very best. The hats! The coats! I guess I identify with the elder sister, Beatrice, because she is more mature (she is supposed to be 12 years older than Evie.) She so often appears in adventurous outfits (as in when she tailors her deceased father's clothes to fit herself) that somehow retain an elegant, restrained style.

         That's Beatrice on the left, in all photos.  



Even in her "work uniform", she always looks beautiful and the essence of good taste. 

So, in the process of thinking this week about what to make next, I've found myself asking, "What would Beatrice wear?"