Monday, July 29, 2013

What Would Beatrice Wear?

Recently, I've become hooked on watching episodes of "The House of Eliott, an early 90s BBC TV series about 2 sisters who set up a fashion house in 1920s London. Where was I when this came out? How did I miss it? (OK, I was in Washington, DC managing an infant and a toddler in a foreign country with no support network while Bill was travelling the globe.) This 3-season series shows the BBC costume people doing their very best. The hats! The coats! I guess I identify with the elder sister, Beatrice, because she is more mature (she is supposed to be 12 years older than Evie.) She so often appears in adventurous outfits (as in when she tailors her deceased father's clothes to fit herself) that somehow retain an elegant, restrained style.

         That's Beatrice on the left, in all photos.  



Even in her "work uniform", she always looks beautiful and the essence of good taste. 

So, in the process of thinking this week about what to make next, I've found myself asking, "What would Beatrice wear?"


  1. Ah brilliant, thanks for that - I used to love watching this and had thought my 14yo daughter would like it too - have just told her to go and search YouTube!

  2. I've been wondering what would Bea wear for years. I've been watching this series since it first aired in the USA. I identify with Bea as well. She is always elegant and as Jack says in one episode, "She always smells so good". In one of the first episodes, Evie tells Penelope (Jack's sis) that Beatrice knit hundreds of Balaclavas for the British Army during WWI (face masks that are warm). I often think of Bea when I take care with getting dressed. She always wore small dangling earrings and added beads as the 20's progressed. She often wore lose tops over skirts and her maternity clothes were so beautiful. What I really loved was the nightgowns and robes. There were many scenes of Bea and Evie talking in bed about their business late into the night. Bea wore silk pajamas, Asian style robes and Evie wore batiste nightgowns with ribbons. And there is one scene in the final year when Beatrice wears Schiaparelli's famous trompe l'oile knitted bow sweater. It's stunning on her. BTW, that pattern (Schiaparelli's) is available at an art museum in Pennsylvania and is sold as a kit with the yarn. It's on my knitting bucket wish as I think it would look great with jeans and flats for a nice dinner out. As you can read, I loved the series too!

    Emily from

  3. Sharon in SurreyJuly 29, 2013 at 9:57 PM

    Ahhhhh yes. My new hubby & I never missed an episode!! Everything came to a stop in our house for that series. I loved Beatrice - Evie was too young for me to identify with & Beatrice too elegant. But I loved the series. I loved the designs & I wish it were re-running here on the Wet Coast. I can't believe it's back. I must look on YouTube myself!! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Sharon in Surrey - dodging mosquitoes