Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Japanese Aesthetic

Most people don't realize that I started off my career not as a knitter or even a lawyer, but as a violinist. I did a graduate degree in Suzuki string pedagogy, and I often wonder if that Japanese influence has stuck with me. I'm a fan of Japanese knitting books, like this one, and yesterday the mailman delivered this to me.

That's the cover of "Simple Modern Sewing". I'm in love with this book, with the natural fibres, like linen, cotton, and wool, with the neutral colours, with the classic prints, with the models, who are ordinary people.

Get a load of this skirt with a "bustle"--really, just gathers over the butt. I love it.

Some reviewers have criticized the sizing of the patterns, in which the largest is only a 41" bust. Since I'm a small woman, I'm not bothered at all. In fact, it's so refreshing to find things that work so well on the small figure. Sewing machine, here I come!