Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where's the Knitting?

You may have noticed a sudden dearth of knitting projects on the blog. There's a reason. I'm working on a book, and to show you everything that's coming would ruin the surprises. In the meantime, I can still share spinning projects and little technical snippets, and I can tell you that I'm at the stage when I have to make decisions regarding the overall colour theme(s) for the book and yarn selections. I'd love to hear about knitting books you love. What turns you on? What makes you want to buy a knitting book? Is it great photos? Projects you can't wait to start? Do you have a preference for printed books, or e-books? Let me know; I'm interested.
In the meantime, in keeping with the fact that we've just had a movie shoot for a gothic horror movie, here are some rather atmospheric photos of my neighbourhood, taken after mist rolled in off the still semi-frozen lake a couple of days ago.

The evening definitely had that "Sherlock Holmes" feel!

P.S. Did you catch the Peeps knitters in the Washington Post's annual Peeporama contest? See here.