Friday, May 2, 2014

Still Waiting...

The winter of the polar vortex has given way to the spring of the polar vortex, perhaps soon to be the pollen vortex, judging by what's happening farther south. It's still damnably cold, and we are all still waiting for one--just one, please--really warm (not hot) day. How am I biding my time during the wait?
1. James and I moved some plants and shrubs around the back garden yesterday. Then I begged had him move one of the same ones again today. It's positioning was off by about six inches, and although no one else in the family was bothered by it, I would have cringed every time I looked out the window. Now it's where it should be, so our time mucking about in the muddy soil paid off.
2. Speaking of mud, I've been meaning to show off some of the Victorian boot scrapers from along King Street East. Today, on my way to the butcher, I took some photos.

At the same property as the above very handsome boot scraper there are also a mounting block (probably for carriages, since it's not tall enough for mounting onto horseback) and tethering posts.

Narurally, since there were carriages, there are carriageways. You've seen some of the ones from residential properties in my other blog posts. Here's one from what is now a commercial property, leading to a car park.

I love the blend of antique and modern, including the graffiti art on the right-hand wall.
3. Mostly this week, I'm knitting to a (self-imposed) deadline. I want to get this design finished up and photographed before Isabel leaves for her summer job. I've established a fairly realistic goal to be achieved each day, and so far I'm on target. In situations like this, I find it best to get as much done before 3 pm as possible. My enthusiasm, energy, willpower, you-name-it, seems to dwindle after that.

This is the slate-coloured alpaca/wool from Fibre Roads. So soft, so drapey!
4. Not sure how I'm going to meet my goal tomorrow when I'm driving Bill to Terroir in Picton (I'm the designated driver, he samples the wine). I'll have to hang out somewhere with an audiobook and knit, knit, knit while he has his fun. Unfortunately, cool and rainy weather predicted.