Thursday, May 8, 2014


Finally, it's warm--twenty-two degrees Celcius today (that's 71.6F, for those of you south of the border). So warm that I walked downtown without wearing any wool and without even socks in my clogs. I know I've been a bit obsessed with the weather this year, but really, so has everyone in this part of the globe. You have no idea of the joy we experienced after lunch when we opened the front door and it was actually warmer outside the house than in. Wahoo!
Yesterday was the May spinning/potluck for the Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners. It was held at Elaine's Fortune Hill Farm, about half an hour north of Kingston. Elaine is a member of Fibre Roads, the group I'm working with on my "designing with local wool" project. After a morning of coffee and spinning, we ate our lunch, which included borscht and some dangerously delicious potato salad, then we went outdoors to have a look at the sheep and lambs.

An "action" photo!
We wandered into the woods in search of trilliums, our provincial flower, but only the dark red ones were out this early.

In a few more days, the floor of these woods will be a carpet of white blooms.

Elaine has a straw bale house. I'd heard of them, but this was the first one I'd visited.

The mud/plaster on her walls is made with clay on the property. The entire construction utilized as many sustainable products as possible, right down to the kitchen countertops, which included recycled paper. Such an interesting day.
Now, I've got to run outside to bring in my gardening equipment because we're about to have our first thunderstorm of the season.