Sunday, May 18, 2014

Victoria Day 2014--Wool Scarf Weather?

Tomorrow is Victoria Day--and here we are still wearing our woollies, alas. Much as I love my knits, I'm tired of them. I want to make some new ones for next season, while I wear white linen and drink iced tea. Instead, it's 9C as I write, with a brisk wind and whitecaps on the lake.

Wolfe Island Ferry

Although it looks like spring in my neighbourhood,

Gates down the street from our house.

Love this car!

Our place.

Magnolias just beginning to bloom.
everything is weeks behind normal. We had a cold spring last year too, so let's hope this isn't the new normal. The local rhubarb is in at the grocery stores, and we had stewed rhubarb for dessert this evening, but it's going to be weeks before the strawberries are ripe.
Since I wore my Fibonacci this morning, I've had knitted scarves on my mind. I'm thinking of something crescent-shaped and perhaps with eyelets like this, but more frothy, perhaps fingering or lace weight knitted very loosely and blocked ferociously. Time to stash dive! Do you have a favourite scarf yarn?