Friday, October 10, 2014

Light and Shadow

Texture turns me on, probably more than colour. I can remember back in 1993, when "Knitting Ganseys" came out, how smitten I was with the black and white photography in the book. (The book remains a favourite for both the photos and the technique--a classic and, I think, an essential text for any knitter.)
So, this morning I couldn't resist taking a pic of the front border of Frostfern. FYI, the cardigan is folded here, with the lace border tucked underneath (just so no one panics over the thought that the fern lace has somehow been edited from the pattern!)

And to prove that I'm making progress, here's the underside of the sleeve as it joins up with the body.

The most important news of the day is that I've re-written both Frostfern and Wheatsheaves to give knitters the option of working the shoulders either seamlessly, or with a 3-needle bound-off seam. Choices are good!