Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shades of Tweedy Grey

I'm in the midst of test knitting the written pattern for Frostfern. I'm making a larger size than Isabel wore in her photos for me last weekend--in part to test out the pattern, and in part so that I'll have a cardigan for myself. Instead of the drapey moss green Shelridge yarn shown in the weekend photos,

I'm making a version in luciously soft "Kenzie", a merino, angora, alpaca, and nylon mix, with silk noils. Unfortunately, it seems as though I'm knitting acres and acres of nothing but stocking stitch.

I think this photo, taken a few minutes ago, gives a nice glimpse of the new version of the pattern with no shoulder seams. The fronts are knitted down from the provisionally cast-on back shoulders to make for a smooth swathe of tweedy grey with a slight halo of angora and alpaca (can't you just envision this with pearls?) To power through all this admittedly boring stocking stitch I'm re-listening to Georgette Heyer's  "Venetia", a more serious and bittersweet regency romance than her usual romp-through-the-countryside tales. It's a favourite of mine, especially as narrated by Phyllida Nash.
At last, I'm only two rows from moving on to this.