Monday, October 13, 2014

My Rhinebeck Sweater

Now that Thanksgiving dinner is behind us, I've had time to weave in the ends of my latest version of Frostfern. It had a little soak in my top-loading washer, and now it's blocked and drying on a towel.

Before washing, I tried to get a decent photo (unsuccessfully) to show off the beautifully seamless shoulders, but it turns out to be tough to take shoulder photos of a garment when it's not actually on a body.

Below is a pic of the Shelridge version (which I admit has much nicer drape) being weighed for yardage calculation purposes. A reminder: always purchase a bit extra for swatching and in case you decide to lengthen a garment.

The grey test knit, in Kenzie, is this year's Rhinebeck sweater, assuming it will be cool enough for wearing wool. Having glanced at the five-day forecast, the wool wearing is in doubt, except perhaps for early mornings and evenings. Check out my personal Rhinebeck Rules, from last year.
In case anyone would like to purchase Frostfern and give the pattern a whirl, it's now available on Ravelry here.