Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pulling the Plug

I'm in a rage with my telecom company, and the fact that I've a full-blown head cold isn't helping. I loathe the system under which the companies offer a "promotion" for land line service, or an internet connection, or whatever, and then six months down the road you suddenly find your bill has doubled overnight. That's what just happened with our home phone. We no longer have satellite or cable, so at least television has been removed from our equation. I'm at the stage where I'm considering doing away with the land line entirely. I know, I know, it might have a deleterious impact on the ability of 911 services to locate us, but I'm pretty much prepared to take that chance, given the almost $50 per month that our telecom wants to bill us for "home phone light". At this point, almost everyone we want to communicate with long distance uses Skype anyway. Rant concluded.
So, I might need a little knitting to calm me down. The top-down hat has been shelved for now. It'll get a style boost down the road. Meanwhile, I've started on James' new pullover. He wants something thick and warm (sorry, Bruce Weinstein, but this is Canada and the rule against heavier sweaters for men doesn't apply). I've long had the notion of converting Petrova to a men's version. The cabled saddle shoulders are so perfect for a guy.

The slouchy cowl neck, not so much,

nor the waist shaping,

 nor the full-length button closure.

I got the project launched late yesterday, and because there are no pockets, no waist shaping, and no buttonhole borders to think about, it's clear sailing. Perfect head cold knitting, with a box of tissues, a pot of tea, and a good audiobook for company.

The yarn is this in an almost-black charcoal (it only looks light here because it's in strong sunshine).The seed stitch has been James-approved.

Guys are so fussy!