Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This Knitter Just Wants to Have Fun

With the retreat behind me, I've given myself a little knitting holiday. Note that I didn't say "holiday from knitting". I'm playing. No deadlines, no pressure. Last spring I spun up about 100g of BFL top. After plying and washing, it turned itself into a gorgeous, bouncy, slightly fluffy skein of sort-of-DK-weight yarn, EXCEPT for the fact that the creamy colour didn't work well with my going-grey hair. So, yesterday I remembered that I had some packets of Kool-Aid drink mix sitting at the bottom of a basket. In no time, I had mixed together five packets of Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade with one packet of Lemon Lime. I checked out this great chart first, just to make sure I was on track. By this morning, I had this:

By noon I had this,

which, when steam blocked, turned out to look like this:


By tomorrow, I'll probably have a new scarf, and I'll have had a refreshing little break from sweater knitting. More about the origins of the lace pattern next time.