Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I knew it last night, but wasn't prepared to admit it. My hat needs a style boost. It needs more "pouffiness", more shape, and possibly even more colour. It's a good example of how a yarn that looks lucious in the ball can suck you in, only to disappoint in the knitting. Back to the drawing board. The yarn will find it's way into something else. I never mind frogging. As the incomparable Elizabeth Zimmermann expressed it, ripping out is so "purifying".
And things aren't so desperate on the hat front after all. A little digging through our accessories basket (strategically located on a bench next to the front door) revealed these favourite tams shown in a much earlier blog post. Isabel has been wearing the darker one lately, but I'd forgotten about the one with the cream background. No need to panic; I'm covered (literally).
So, maybe I should move on to designing that sweater James has been asking for...