Sunday, February 15, 2015


A couple of summers ago I was all set to take Carolyn Barnett's polymer clay button-making class when at the last minute it was cancelled. Yesterday I finally got around to taking the class at her nearby home in picturesque Portsmouth, right next door to Kingston's Olympic Harbour. The day dawned like this, but what better way to spend a snowy Valentine's Day? I decided to take a 10-minute bus ride rather than dig out our car.

Carolyn laid out bits of clay like appetizers on a plate on her dining table.

Ella, Carolyn's talented teenaged assistant, worked on these bright beauties.

Creative classes of any type really give me an inferiority complex. I look around at what everyone else is producing and feel hopelessly dull. However, I did manage to learn how to mix colours, make cane, use an extruder, and use impressions for texture.

Not sure why I made so many triangles. Not the best button shape, after all.
The day was perfect for a first wearing of my new top-down hat and fingerless gloves (worn, of course, under a pair of stranded mittens). Note that the cables on each hand twist toward the centre of the body, i.e. the left-hand cables twist to the right and vice versa. This is the sort of detail that pleases me.

Although you may not realize it, no patterns of mine go out into the world until they've been test-worn for a while. It's my way of judging a knit a success. Hat in Quince's "Puffin", gloves in "Chickadee", both in Robin's Egg. Next time, a tutorial, "Closing the Thumb Gap".