Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Today I am a spinster, at least in the antique definition of the word. Originally, the word applied to anyone who spun wool. Over time, as this relatively mindless drudgery was allocated to unmarried women (especially those unlikely to become married), the term came to mean any unmarried woman, especially an older woman. 

There are other things I should be doing today, but sometimes we have to indulge ourselves, and so I'm beginning a long-term design/spin/knit (DSK) project. Last week I ordered 2 lbs of Ashford Corriedale combed top in "Grape Jelly", described by The Fibre Garden as "an excellent medium purple". 

So, the adventure has begun. 

Meanwhile, on my front porch an enterprising spider has been spinning too.

Our night time temps are now getting perilously close to freezing. The question is, should I take out this gorgeousness with one sweep of my broom, or should I simply let nature take its course?