Sunday, October 11, 2020

Zooming in to Thanksgiving

While our turkey is cooking this afternoon (almost all the other meal components are already made), I popped outside to take a new view of Victoria.


Writing up is progressing. I'm still accepting testers, so let me know on Ravelry if you're interested. It's a quick and easy knit. No short rows. It's oversized, with finished measurements ranging from 38 3/4" to 56". My bust is 32" and I made the size 42 1/4". I used 590 m of Cascade Ecological Wool. 

We're in full fall mode here. Crunchy leaves underfoot,

maples aglow.

Later this aft we're going to link up with Isabel in California for our joint Thanksgiving dinner. The Ontario government has told us to restrict festivities to members of our own households, no guests, so thank goodness for the internet. Have a lovely holiday if you're Canadian.