Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Design Your Own Aran, Part Eight: Onward and Upward

The body of the cardigan is a bit of a slog. I rarely knit more than 30 minutes in a day and it's taken a while to get almost to the underarms (more about figuring out lengthwise measurements next post). I like to wet-block my knitting after about six inches and again at an inch to half an inch before the underarm divide. This just reassures me that all is on gauge and proceeding according to plan. I don't go all the way to the underarms in case the knitting grows in length after blocking. That way, I avoid having to rip out. In this case there was no lengthwise growth, so I'll need to knit a few extra rows before the BIG DIVIDE. 

The cardigan was almost dry this morning when I got up. To speed the process, I opened it up and laid it out over our dining room radiator (gotta love those things at this time of year).

Now everything's back on the needles, and I'm exhilarated by the transformative power of blocking!

Next up, decisions, decisions...

Part 9 is here.