Monday, February 6, 2023

Everything All at Once

It's not often that TWO projects move along on the same day to the stage that they can be tried on. Not finished, mind you, but joined together sufficiently that they can be put on and checked for fit.

First up, The Coat, as I've come to think of it. Actually, it's Closet Core's Parchment Coat.

Here it is at midday today. All the major seams have been joined, although not all have been pressed, as you can see. After trying it on, I laid out my bias binding to see if I had enough, but alas, I will need to begin my next sewing session making more. I use the continuous method, in case you're curious. FYI, I wasn't sure whether I wanted the binding to be in the print or the green contrast. I looked at a lot of versions of the quilted Tamarack Jacket before opting for the print.

I used Grainline Studio's method for making, quilting, and applying the patch pockets. Very tidy, inside and out.

Now it's afternoon and I'm about to join the shoulders of my simple cable pullover with 3-needle BO. 

Why not graft them together, as in Soiree, the sweater which was my inspiration for this piece? Read this tutorial here to learn the reason. 

We (and our little Mazda 3) seem to have survived the weekend record cold weather. On Saturday, when I woke up the air temperature was minus 31C with a wind chill of minus 38C. (That's minus 24F and minus 36F, for American readers.) We're back to hovering on either side of the freezing point, hopefully with the worst of winter behind us.

View from our house down toward the lake. Thank goodness for the City's sidewalk ploughs.

Bellevue House, down the street from our place.
Bellevue House, in all its 1840s Italian villa-style grandeur, down the street on the way to the lake.

I love walking past here; it's a beautiful dose of nature in the middle of the city, even if the apple trees were over-pruned last season.