Friday, February 17, 2023

It's a Snap

 The Parchment Coat is almost there. Just need to apply these spring snaps (not ALL of them).

In the meantime, I've been wearing my coat all morning, given winter's return. After all, it's only the middle of February. We all know that winter's grip on us has a way to go before it runs out. I considered a fire in the living room, but then realized I had the coat almost ready and waiting, and I've been nice and cozy since donning it. A definite win in the sewing department.

So happy with the fabric I chose, which works well with all the other makes in my photo: the Hedgewood Sweater, my Pembroke Scarf (bright teal version), and my checked York Pinafore. It's all in keeping with the colour palette I came up with back in 2017. Doesn't that seem a lifetime ago? Enough angst over the last few years for all of us without having to dither over fabric and yarn choices!