Friday, January 20, 2012

What If...

We live in the historic section of Kingston, ON known as Sydenham Ward. One of its charms is its carriageways. These are narrow roadways built through the mid-nineteenth-century terraces to give access to what at the time would have been stable yards. We live in a row of three attached homes and our carriageway looks like this:

This morning, Bill got into our car, which was parked in back of the house, drove it through the carriageway and partway into the street when it suddenly stopped. The engine worked, but the car absolutely refused to go anywhere. After a call to CAA and a trip to our favourite VW garage, the diagnosis is a broken front axle. It's been through 7 years in Washington, DC and 5 in Canada, so a little metal fatigue might be forgiven. But still, both Bill and I played the what if game in our minds. What if the car had broken down in back of the house where a tow truck would be hard pressed to go.... What if the axle had broken while we were barrelling down the 401 at 100 km/hr..... 
We'll be car-less for the weekend, but since we live within walking distance of everything essential to life, that's no problem. Kind of makes us wonder why we have the car!
While we waited for the tow truck, I worked some more on the vest. Here's a better view than yesterday of the second motif.

                                            I'll be at the underarms by tomorrow. Yay! 

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