Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspiration: Kauni

Bill and I drove to the new Ikea store in Ottawa yesterday. It's not new in the sense that there wasn't an Ikea in Ottawa until now. It's new in the sense that the store has been expanded to become the largest one in Canada. We used to go to the Ikea in College Park, Maryland when we lived in DC and although I vowed about 5 years ago, after an extremely exhausting Ikea marathon, never to step foot into one again, there I was yesterday. We needed lighting and the prices were great. Ikea doesn't seem to offer the quality it did 20 years ago, but for some things it can't be beat. We purchased a floor lamp and three desk lamps all for well under $300. Pretty good, even with the price of the gasoline to get there. Now I have the lighting I need to work in the evenings.
I still haven't started Isabel's vest. I'm ruminating on different ways to build in waist shaping--always more of a challenge in a fair isle design, and on whether to do an allover pattern, or a more traditional banded one. For inspiration I did a little Ravelry searching to see what other knitters have done with Kauni. Here's "Autumn Leaves" by Ruth Sorensen.