Thursday, January 12, 2012


We've been in the grip of an ice storm for the last 12 hours.

No power all morning, but what a great excuse to sit, swathed in wool listening to an audiobook on my iPod, and really get to work on Isabel's vest. Finally, just when I was beginning to contemplate a walk in search of a hot cup of tea, the house hummed back to life. It's still drizzling or misting or something outside and as dark and dismal as can be, but at least the vest is underway.

Horrible photo, because of the lack of light, but here it is. In the end I decided to go with plain old longtail cast on. I actually made a start yesterday and worked a couple of inches with the German twisted cast on, but wasn't convinced I liked it. Then I checked to see what Ann Feitelson does, and guess what? She likes longtail best too. The slight curl at the bottom edge will block out just fine. It's a quick and simple way to start and it has better elasticity than a cable cast on. Now, back to work fun....