Friday, January 13, 2012

Wanted: Colour

Winter had to come eventually, I knew it did, even though it seemed as though global warming was having its way with the seasons. Today is our first real snowstorm of the season--not a blizzard, just a day of steady snow against a grey sky.

Now I understand why Scandinavian knitters love colour. I've been browsing through my old copy of the very, very beautiful "Poetry in Stitches", possibly my fave knitting book of all time. The lush photography and attention to detail are awe-inspiring.
My own humble efforts continue. I blocked out the corrugated ribbing yesterday, to convince myself that all was well--not sure why since I've started corrugated ribbing with longtail cast on many times before, but I wanted reassurance. Here's a nice view of the first 4 inches, showing the centre front steek.

You can just see the start of the shading into lighter, brighter colours beginning to happen. I'm excited! 
P.S. (a few hours later) I think this may qualify as a full-fledged blizzard.

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