Thursday, March 17, 2011

Death and Taxes

Worked most of the morning on assembling tax documents for our accountants. Yuck! Then, rewarded myself by finishing "Shooting Elvis", the Stuart Pawson murder mystery novel I've been reading. I love his character, DI Priest. Then, walked downtown, via the lakefront, to the hardware store. Down by the shore, the view is changing; that's open water out there. Yay!

Almost no snow left, as this view of Murney Tower shows. (Kingston has four martello towers, left over from its days as an important British colonial defensive location. They were meant to protect us from the rebellious Americans across the water.)

Enjoyed the waterfront for a few minutes, whilst imagining how pleasant it would be to live right on the lake. Tried unsuccessfully to convince myself that I'd hate the constant wind.

Noticed that the maple syrup vendors have appeared at the market, as the ice in the skating rink in the background slowly melts.

Our relatively new garbage bin has developed a hole in the lid where a little black stopper used to be. A resourceful customer at the the hardware store said she had filled a similar hole with a rubber drain plug, so my mission this evening is to see whether this will work for us. Bought a plug and some glue. It's a constant battle to stay one step ahead of our manic squirrels.