Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Made in the Shade

Even though it feels more like November than May, I donned my gardener's hat (figuratively, not literally) and drove east from Kingston, abreast of the Thousand Islands to "Made in the Shade", where, since I was the only customer, I had owner Laura's undivided attention.

She looked at my list of perennials and helped me choose some alternatives that might be better. Turns out she actually lives less than than a block from my house and really knows what grows well in downtown Kingston.

While we puttered through the garden beds and greenhouses, the horses next door looked on.

I chose some hostas, some native columbine, some grasses, some creeping thyme, some foam flowers, and a bunch of other stuff from amongst all this,

and this.

All the while I was wishing I had my nice "Strata" gloves. I left them at home because, really, you shouldn't have to wear woollen gloves in the middle of May! Looking forward to next Saturday, when, according to the CBC, it's supposed to go up to 26 C. I hope.