Sunday, May 29, 2011


Last post, I was trying to decide where to go next with the knitting; I was at sea. Now, I've landed. I've chosen "all over lace" from Lanaknits. I'm using Katia's "papiro", a linen/cotton yarn. It's heavier than the allhemp6 called for, but my gauge is the same and so far I'm really happy with the results. And no, that's not grey, it's a heathery beige.

The pattern is everything I like--complex-looking, but easy to memorize. Quite soothing to knit after a few repeats. We'll see how it goes; it's early days...
Remember my pots on the improvised bench? Well, gorgeousness has arrived!

I spent a big chunk of yesterday covered in smudges of potting soil and splashes of water, but it was worth the effort. In a few weeks, all will be beautifully lush. The heuchera and bergenia will eventually make their way into perennial beds at the side of the house. But that's months away.