Sunday, May 15, 2011

Texture Galore

Isabel and I are just back from the Wilton Cheese Factory. I'm having some tea and enjoying being back inside on a blustery, cold afternoon (as I write, it's a yucky, soaking wet 9 degrees Celcius--about 44 F). I just love the way my latest version of the "Perth Cardi" is working out in mercerized cotton. I'm making a short-sleeved version, which I mean to layer over a tank top in the warmer weather ahead . The sheen of the mercerized Egyptian cotton catches the light in magical ways, so that the surface of the knitting takes on more or less texture according to the angle from which it is viewed. On this grey day, this is about the best photo I can get:

Now on to the front borders (I'm planning something a little different from the wool version).