Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Rainy and cold--again. But the Norway Maple in back of our house is stubbornly trying to come into leaf anyway.  Love the little red and green bits hanging onto the branches like out-of-season Christmas decorations.

Voted yesterday, along with Bill, James, and Isabel (her first election). I'm always a bit surprised at how low tech it all is. You get handed a pencil and a slip of paper, you make an "X" next to your preferred candidate's name, then you head home and wait for the results to be announced in the evening.
As everyone knows by now, there were big changes.  Our riding, "Kingston and the Islands", was (I think) the only riding to elect a new Liberal member. The country is going populist on both the left and the right, with the intellectual centre disappearing. It's going to be interesting to see how things work out over the next four or five years.
I've just finished a big project that I can't show on the blog. Isabel and I took some photos of it on Sunday morning over on the courthouse steps and then, when we got back to our front door, I found that the wind had blown this little gem onto my front patch of garden.