Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Little Break

I've had a 2-day break from any significant knitting. OK, I knitted a few rows here and there, but mostly I've been involved with the garden installation. Trish and Jen had almost perfect weather (a little too hot and humid maybe) and they worked with amazing energy.

On day two, when Jen wasn't available, James and Isabel pitched in. I didn't offer to pay them and although they're disgustingly unused to manual labour (my fault?), they accomplished a lot without much grumbling, and the result is lovely. And it will be even more lovely once everything grows and fills in.

Thanks everyone. Now I can get back to knitting, at least until this evening. Still waiting to hear if our recorder group is on. Then, off to Ottawa on Friday. Bill is going to the Canadian Economics Association meetings. Very dull. Must find something interesting to do while he's busy. Any suggestions?