Sunday, June 5, 2011

Embarrassing Myself

Back from two days in Ottawa, where Bill attended the Canadian Economics Association meetings. Imagine hundreds of economists--people who describe money as "an invention to solve the problem of the requirement of a double coincidence of want"--eating, drinking, and eagerly listening to other economists speak their peculiarly convoluted language. I spent my time visiting yarn stores, friends and "Doors Open Ottawa". Here's a view of the Norwegian Ambassador's Residence, not far from where I grew up in Ottawa. I must have passed it thousands of times, but yesterday was the first time I ever stepped inside.

Stopped for a snack in Rockcliffe Park, where I had a terrific view of the Prime Minister's residence on the cliffs overlooking the Ottawa River.

At Wool Tyme, I picked up some balls of Sirdar's "Simply Recycled", a mix of recycled cotton and and acrylic, as well as a few skeins of this lustrous pure silk.

The highlight of the trip? Visiting with Carleton University prof Don Beecher, from whom I borrowed this beautiful treble viol, the very instrument I played many years ago in the "Elizabethan Consort". Very embarrassing to discover that I will need to re-learn to play. However, I've just spent an hour playing scales and am confident that in a couple of weeks I'll be back in form.

Don gave me a copy of his beautiful and impressive recording of Boismortier's bass viol suites (performed by him!). Said he was having too much fun to retire. Looking forward to a day of viol playing, knitting, and getting the house back into order. I've neglected the housekeeping this week.