Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not Knitting a Bra

Contrary to appearances, I am NOT knitting a bra. Yesterday, when I tried this on, that is what Isabel said it looked like.

In fact, I am designing and knitting a top-down, cotton/bamboo cap-sleeved, scoop-necked summer tee. The delicate brocade pattern down the front and back is adapted from Sabine Domnick's "Cables, Diamonds, Herringbone; Secrets of Knitting Traditional Fisherman's Sweaters"
Tempting as it is to insert knitted lace into this type of garment, it is not really practical. The inevitable question arises over what to wear underneath. A mere bra is not enough and a camisole, especially if the weather is at all warm, is too much. So a non-see-through design works much better, I think.
Updates to follow.