Thursday, June 2, 2011

Full Blown

Very windy for the last 24 hours. The heat and humidity have blown away and all is fresh and cool. The poppies in front of La Salle Cottage on Earl St. are full blown and stunningly beautiful.

The bridal wreath spirea is in full blown bloom.

 And we almost had a full blown domestic crisis when our clothes washer went on the blink yesterday. I was outside watering the new garden when Bill put in a load. He came outside to tell me something and, while the door was open, I heard a sound that I thought was construction noise from a neighbour's place. It was not the sound a washing machine makes when it is unbalanced. It was more like the continuous screech of a power saw. I went inside a few minutes later and realized with horror that the sound was coming from our basement. More horror when I called our usual appliance repair company and they told me no one could come until NEXT WEEK. We need clean clothes to take to Ottawa. I got onto the internet, found another repair company and they sent someone today who, thankfully, was able to repair our old clunker. Yay! I did have a backup plan to take everything to a local laundromat--what an excuse to sit and knit, but now no need.
I've started on the laundry here at home and I'm looking forward to a little knitting interlude with a pot of tea in the back garden. Very calming (at least until the caffeine kicks in).

As you can see, not a whole lot of progress, but I'm hopeful that things will move quickly now that the laundry crisis has been averted.