Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 1: Not part of the plan

Report on Day 1: Mission accomplished. Back flap knitted and blocked (OK, I cheated and did that the day before when I was swatching). Right front and right side back knitted. Ditto left front and left side back. And everything joined together. Waist shaping begun. Pattern formally written to same spot as knitting. Yay!
Results here.

Left front and side, back flap, right front and side all joined together.

Close up from wrong side of side seam stitch with markers showing first 2 waist decreases.
Back flap from wrong side showing joins strengthened by knitting in ends for 2 sts at joins.

What I didn't anticipate, though, was Isabel wanting to start this. We walked over to our LYS to see what was there, purchased some Diamond "Lima" in a nice burgundy heather, and then I supervised the casting on and taught her how to increase for the raglans (k1, YO, k1 all into the same st). I may have created a monster. Either that or Isabel is very bored while she waits for frosh week and has nothing else to do. Or both.

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