Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 2: Knitting in the Gaps

Day 2: Goals achieved--but not without making a conscious effort to knit in all available gaps of time. I'm a morning person, so not surprisingly, getting a good head start is important to achieving my quota. This morning I woke up, made a mug of tea, and sat down to get a good inch of work completed before the rest of the household began to stir. The rows in this section are long: 182 sts in my size. And double moss stitch isn't a quick stitch to work. And attention must be paid to seam stitches, selvedge stitches, and row counts.
Before noon I took a break, did a little garden tidy-up, then hopped on my bicycle for a quick trip to Tara Foods. I sent Isabel down to the farmer's market for some wild blueberries. After lunch, I threw together a blueberry cake in anticipation of a visit from friends from Ottawa, Ann and Steve, who are here helping their daughter get settled into her apartment (she's entering 2nd year engineering at Queen's). I knitted while the cake baked, then I knitted while it cooled, then I knitted while Ann and Steve visited and ate the cake and drank tea. Then I realized that I wasn't really in the mood to cook dinner, so I hopped on my bicycle again and ordered take-out Greek food. Of course I knitted while the food was prepared at the restaurant. I asked the restaurant people to pack the food as compactly as possible so that it would fit in my bicycle basket along with my knitting. After dinner, I knitted some more while the kids cleaned up the kitchen, then I wrote up the waist shaping. Mission accomplished. Bill and I walked down to the waterfront for some ice cream to celebrate.

Work growing ever so slowly.

3 waist decreases at bottom, 2 increases (so far) at top.