Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Longish Detour

Tuesdays and Fridays are my usual grocery shopping days, so this morning I hopped in the car and headed out---and out and out. Somehow, with the sun shining and the promise of spring in the air, I found myself on the road to the Glenora Ferry and Picton. The lake was mostly ice-free due to our non-winter, but there were chunks of ice in the Bay of Quinte.

The ducks and geese didn't seem to mind.

While the ferry made its way across the bay, I worked on my "car knitting", the Hitchhiker scarf (see link a few posts ago). Here it is against the dashboard of my Passat.

The spectrum of greens in it isn't showing up at all well.

This view from the ferry shows the Ontario Ministry of Fisheries hatchery.

Picton, settled by loyalists fleeing the American revolution, is in Prince Edward County, an almost-island that juts out into Lake Ontario. Its rolling countryside, vineyards, and extensive shoreline make it a popular place for summer homes. There are some grand old houses as you approach the town. This one has been turned into an inn.

After a visit to my favourites, Miss Lily's cafe and the Rose Haven Farm Store, I did the return trip and eventually bought the groceries. Now, off to cook a pasta dinner.


  1. How nice! Sounds like it was a lovely day.

  2. So jealous! Once I'm done work I'll have to come down & do a trip to Rose Haven.

  3. Thanks for following up on the Hitchhiker scarf. I bought the pattern and want to begin knitting it, but need to finish a pair of socks first.

  4. Nice detour. I enjoy the pictures you post
    of the area you live, especially the bits of
    history you add. Looking forward to seeing your
    completed Hitchhiker scarf.

  5. oops-Missed the word "in" after live.