Friday, December 14, 2012

Call Me Old-Fashioned

We haven't yet put up our Christmas tree. I like to hold off until the 15th, and then leave it up until Jan.6. Call me old-fashioned. The knitting is coming along nicely on schedule, especially since I discovered "Classic Video", a fantastic shop that's been practically under my nose since we moved to Kingston. Not sure how I managed to miss it until now. American readers will probably be unaware that we don't have the same access to video material here in Canada. Our version of Netflix has a truly pathetic collection on offer (due to extremely restrictive rights) and we are geo-blocked from receiving PBS and other US networks directly (even though I can practically see the US across the water!) So, having relatively inexpensive videos available makes the holiday knitting much easier. Sorry, I can't show anything at this point or the secrets-in-progress might get out.
We still don't have any snow, but after 16 years in Washington, DC I've got past any need/desire for the white stuff to put me in the holiday spirit. Maybe I even like a green Christmas so long as there's some holly and ivy. As a knitting substitute, here are glimpses of my neighbourhood to set the mood.

The house we're buying decked with a pretty wreath.
Skaters at the City Hall rink.
Towers and domes.
Tomorrow we'll put up the tree.