Sunday, December 23, 2012

Romance, Mystery, and Britknits

The big storm more or less passed us by. While Ottawa is still digging out, we're melting after a mere dusting. This was the view out our back door yesterday,

and here's the view out our front door this afternoon.

The temperature was a few degrees above freezing, so by the time I walked downtown to buy a bit of chocolate and some wax for my winter boots, most of the snow was gone.

I stopped by the video store to pick up this 1987 BBC trilogy of Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries (the Edward Petherbridge version, NOT the Ian Carmichael one).

                                           Click here because small views stink.

It came out the year I was married and true to form, has some great Brit knits to drool over (check our Harriet's tam and pullover, above), as well as witty dialogue and imaginative plots. Romance, mystery, and knits--what more could you ask for?
The second Urban Rustic sock is all the way to the heel, and between dicing turnips and making pastry tomorrow, should be done by Christmas morning, although since it's for me, there's no need for a deadline.

Front door of the Secret Garden Inn, up the street from my house.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the 1930s for the next couple of hours. What (if anything) do you intend to watch over the holidays?