Sunday, June 2, 2013


Spent yesterday a.m. propagating moss. Spent yesterday p.m. realizing that my efforts were being washed away. Here's the tale.
First, I used a knife to pry up some existing moss from between the stones in our formal front garden.

Next, I used a whisk to break up the moss so its spores would mix with about 2 cups of buttermilk. Yes, it looks some some sort of gruesome kitchen experiment!

Finally, I painted the mixture between the stones where I want moss to grow.

At this point, one is supposed to spritz water onto the area to keep it moist until the moss gets going. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that we were in for an all-out gully washer around dinner time. I'll wait and see whether any of my mixture takes, but my guess is that I'll have to start over. Sigh.
Harriet meanwhile is growing; the bodice halves are joined and the collar and front borders are getting done.

Next post--3-needle bind-off or grafting: how to choose which to use. See you then.