Sunday, June 23, 2013

Saturday Shopping

The City Market is open on Saturdays (and Tuesdays and Thursdays too). It's the first stop on my shopping excursion.

Believe it or not, this is where the skating rink is located in winter.
At last, the little round juicy local berries are in--a bumper crop this year!

Hard not to love peonies, even it they're this beautiful for only about an hour.

Yes, there's a knitting booth.

Then it was on to the supermarket, the natural foods store, the butcher, and finally home. So nice to be able to do all this on foot (with my Canadian Tire pull-cart).
The bodice of Isabel's jacket is done and I'm working on the peplum, for want of a better word. Here it is after the joining of the right and left halves and before I added the collar and front borders.

The summer heat has finally settled in. 

There's mist morning and night. If I'm not careful, I'll start feeling so relaxed I won't get on with this project.