Monday, June 10, 2013


Had a weekend of  tweaking, i.e. playing around with things that weren't totally right until they were more right. First up, Harriet's Jacket. No, I'm not showing the final version, because it's back on the needles--AGAIN. I'm currently on the SIXTH version of the peplum/skirt. This is all about getting it JUST RIGHT. I feel as though I've been knitting garter stitch for eons. I've probably created acres of garter stitch over the last 2 days.

I think I've just about got it nailed, and wouldn't you know, simpler is better. As usual.
Still on the hunt for perfect buttons for the jacket. Bill and I drove to Picton on Saturday as part of the quest. I didn't  bother to tell Bill we were there for buttons; I let him think we just going for a nice trip on the Glenora ferry followed by a nice cup of tea at Miss Lilly's and a browse in Books & Company. Sometimes it's best not to let husbands in on the ridiculous lengths to which you will go in order to find three buttons. In any event, I didn't find them, so will probably end up with one of those pictured in my last post by default.
For the trip to Picton, I always take some "ferry knitting", especially just now when there is only one ferry in service (until mid-July). Socks are, of course, the ideal road trip project.

Urban Rustic socks in progress.
On our way to Picton, we stopped for a few plant purchases in support of my second tweaking job--the front garden. All white is OK, but white accented with burgundy foliage and a splash of lime green is even better.

The deep purplish burgundy of the heuchera echoes the pale pink in the centre of the white roses in a delightful way. I moved some daisies to the back garden and substituted White Swan echinacea and Xenox sedum. Both will provide bloom through the fall while adding some winter interest (at least until they are covered in snow).

This photo does not do justice to the frosty burgundy of the Xenox. Is it silly to obsess so much over getting the colours just right?

No, it's absolutely worth the effort.