Friday, September 26, 2014

In Which I Take Some Good Advice

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a little bag of fleece at the Almonte Fibrefest. The fleece was all from one sheep and was clean, fluffy, and right off a drum carder.

You know you're a hopeless case when you can't resist taking a photo of carded fleece with the sun shining through it!

I'm an inexperienced spinner. I'm the one whose second drop spindle project was the Buttonbox Waistcoat. Ignorance is bliss, as they say, and I had no idea at the time that spindling a garment quantity of wool was a BIG PROJECT. Inexperience came to the fore again with my new fleece. I started to spin it up on my wheel. It was nice to work with, with very long fibres that were easy to draft. BUT, the result wasn't what I'd hoped for. As the bobbin began to fill up, it was obvious that this was going to produce a very hairy end product, even though I was drafting with a short draw worsted technique (it's all I know.)

I forged ahead onto a second bobbin, but halfway through that I quit. I realized that my disappointment with the look of the singles was overwhelming my pleasure in the spinning. I put the whole thing aside for a week and moved on. Then, I happened to mention to Meriel of Anwyn Yarns that I had this fleece that wasn't spinning up the way I'd hoped and she said, "Ply it and wash it before you decide." So I did, and guess what?

 I'm loving it.