Friday, September 12, 2014

In Which Reality Asserts Itself: Frostfern Wins Over Buttonbox

A couple of weeks ago I announced on this blog that I intended to knit a new Buttonbox. At the time, I expressed a little anxiety about the feasibility of this in light of various other knitting commitments, and now, lo and behold, those commitments are breathing down my neck and telling me to back away from my Buttonbox plans. For those of you looking forward to a (sort of) KAL, I apologize. The truth is that I don't like knitting under pressure. Knitting is supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing, not a chore, and I try to keep it that way. So, although I have actually knitted the pocket linings and a few rows of Buttonbox, I'm going to put all that on hold while I have a push to get "Frostfern" ready to give to Lyn Gemmell of Shelridge Yarns in time for Rhinebeck. I started this design last spring, and there's a version of it already in existence.

It's a cousin to "Wheatsheaves", with a mostly similar silhouette, except that the sleeves are three-quarters length and slightly flared and the back has some added fullness which you can't see in these photos. I'm at the writing up stage. Then comes the test knitting phase. Then, perhaps, comes a new Buttonbox--unless I get caught up in designing a male version of "Petrova" for James, who has been asking for months for a new chunky sweater for this winter. We'll see.