Monday, September 1, 2014

Claire's Gloves: Pattern Release Coming Later This Week

Happy New Year, knitters. Doesn't Labour Day feel like the real beginning of the year? The final phases of the test knitting are underway (those of you who've been assisting with this can expect to receive a little gift in the mail sometime soon). I've just steamed the cuff of one of the new gloves,

and I'm pleased with the result. For anyone who has never tried knitting gloves, they're surprisingly easy to make, going far more quickly than one would expect. I find it much easier to do these on dpns than using magic loop, especially the fingers. It seems quicker to zip around the 14 pinkie stitches on my Knitpicks sock dpns than fussing constantly with the long circular cable. But that might just be me. The yarn is buttery soft to work with and I'm really looking forward to being able to wear these. I still need to finish up the fingers on the second glove, block the pair, take photos, and format the final version. All should be done by Friday, if not before.