Sunday, September 21, 2014


Prince Edward County is a popular weekend get-away for Torontonians. Some have lakefront properties and spend their time sailing, some come to spend a day visiting the numerous wineries, and some have hobby farms. The owners of Chetwyn Farms definitely bring their Toronto sophistication to their farm studio near Hillier in the County. The whitewashed walls, the neutral alpaca shades, and the finished knitted goods all demonstrate a cleanness of line and simple, timeless elegance.

Ginger cookies and apple cider. What's more perfect for fall?

Grapes growing for the family's private wine making.
 In the midst of such a neutral backdrop, two splashes of red caught my attention.

If you've been enjoying the new "Outlander" TV series, and follow the blog of its costumer, Terry Dresbach, you'll appreciate the stunning impact of a limited use of red in a relatively subdued landscape (not that there is otherwise anything in common between Chetwyn Farms and the TV show!) Maybe I like to carry my big red bag while wearing mostly grey for the same reason.
I look forward to some enjoyable designing and knitting with Chetwyn's SHED brand yarns.