Friday, October 9, 2015

Close to the End

I realized this aft that I had forgotten to post photos of my Glenora with its buttons. I purposely didn't sew the buttons on for the photos that I took of Cheryl in the cardigan because I wanted to show how to wear it with a shawl pin. After that session, I carefully decided where I wanted the buttons to go, made three sturdy crocheted button loops, and sewed on the same number of large buttons.

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These are old Mission Falls buttons. Too bad they aren't available anymore, because they came in a ton of natural colours and shapes and there was almost always one that was perfect for your project. I have a dwindling stash of these that I bought from Mags Kandis when Bill and I visited her old studio in nearby Prince Edward County on an open house day. I'm sad to be nearly at the end of the collection.
Meanwhile, fall is rolling in. Misty and cool today. I wore Glenora and my ginger Bibliogloves out shopping on foot. The bloom in the garden is nearly at an end too.

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Such a melancholy time of year, and I think it feels more that way as I grow older. I won't dwell on that thought. Instead, I'll think about the little field trip I have planned for the morrow. Think sheep--


lots of them...


  1. Lost my first attempt so here goes again. I loved the non sheep in your last photo, almost invisible.
    I have been unable to receive all of your photos lately. Just wondered if you are doing anything different at your end with some. The sheep was the only one to come through. Very frustrating as I want to see your sweater too.

  2. I was just about to write the same thing about not being able to view most of your photos recently. A little box with an x in it appears, followed by "displaying", then the numbers associated with the jpeg. Love the sheep/dog photo - Topsy sheep from Amherst Island? Hope this is an easy fix. I look forward to seeing all the photos soon.

  3. Same here. I want to see the sweater. :) Wonder why only some of the photos are affected. Is there something different about the photo of the sheep?

  4. Same here. I tried two different browsers to see if it was a browser issue; apparently not. This entry and the 9/28 entry only one photo appears. There is just a placeholder for the other photos. I've tried reloading/refreshing the page, too. Just thought I'd let you know...

  5. Thanks for letting me know. I have been using a different method of uploading. I will revert what I was doin before.

  6. Thank you! I've also been unable to see the pictures lately, and haven't had much luck commenting either.
    I'm eager to see your sweater.