Sunday, October 11, 2015

Photo Problems Over!

Thanks so much for writing in to let me know there was a problem with some of my recent pics. To make a long story short, I was experimenting with moving photos from my phone to the blog, and didn't realize that it wasn't working for some of you. So, back to the old method...
Here is some of what you might have missed:
1. Glenora, with Mission Falls buttons.

2. Late afternoon sunshine on treetops out our (not so clean) third-floor window.

3. My inexpert attempt to capture the moon during the recent lunar eclipse.

Now, Bill and I have to make a Rhinebeck decision. Pros: seeing friends, seeing wool, staying at the Beekman Arms, strolling through Rhinebeck village at the peak of the fall colours, with the mountains in the background. Cons: the drive, the crowds (unpleasant for the first time, last year), the exchange rate on our Canadian dollar.
Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers.


  1. Thank you for reposting the pictures. I love the Glenora with buttons.. a beautiful sweater.

  2. Yes! Pictures. Beautiful buttons. They complement the sweater very well.

  3. THERE they are, hurrah. Beautiful! I am envious of your real fall. Here in northern CA, the changes are rather imperceptible.

  4. Pictures again!! Hooorah. Thought it was my latest browser upgrade until others started commenting. Lovely pictures. Your Glenora looks terrific with those buttons - I love them! But, it looked even better with Cheryl in it!!! I really like the picture out your window. I'd love a yarn the color of that ivy on the wall.